A mountain cannot turn, but a road can.

Chinese proverb

Taiwan is very special to me.

It's been my second-home for almost 4 years. I've lived here, loved here, been broken and been healed here. I've traveled the length of this beautiful island end to end countless times. I've explored, tested, and tried-- I've seen and done as much as I could possibly do. 

I've made some of my best memories and I've also hit some of my lowest points all while making a life in this small piece of the world. I met my best friend in Taiwan, I started my life of traveling in Taiwan, I had my first real job in Taiwan. 

Taiwan is special- and not just because it is special to me. Taiwanese people are genuinely kind. They want to reach out and give a helping hand. They are peace-loving, gentle souls. The island is filled with reaching mountains, dense jungles, golden beaches, fragrant mango fields, and rainbow-lit urban sprawls. The culture is rich and traditional, honoring the past and striving for the future. 

There's a little bit of everything here, but it hasn't quite been pinpointed yet as a destination for Western tourists, so you can get away from those over-trodden paths and do your own thing.

Yeah, Taiwan is special. It's beautiful, and inviting, and it will always be the corner of the world that holds my heart.

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