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May 15, 2014 Tessa Bradford 3 comments

Floridian Escapades It had been two years since I had last been in America, and it was definitely time to go home for awhile. I spent Christmas and New Year’s surrounded by old friends and family. My dog remembered me and jumped like an excited puppy (despite her rather old dog-age) to greet me. I…

June 25, 2011 Tessa Bradford No comments exist

Chocolate ice cream is the way I bond with my grandpa. I definitely inherited my sweet tooth from him, and it has been a running joke as I scoop football-player sized bowls of ice cream that “you must be related to your grandpa or something.”

May 30, 2011 Tessa Bradford No comments exist

My grandparent’s home in small-town, no-where midwest is my favorite place in the world. It always has been. I’m coming back here for a few weeks before I head off to China, and I know it will be a good few weeks. It always is. This weekend I came up here for the holiday; my…