Going Home

May 30, 2011 Tessa Bradford 19 comments

My grandparent’s home in small-town, no-where midwest is my favorite place in the world. It always has been. I’m coming back here for a few weeks before I head off to China, and I know it will be a good few weeks. It always is.

This weekend I came up here for the holiday; my time involved an old friend’s bridal shower (congrats Sam!), which  I arrived to a bit late but still got to spend time with her, there was also a big traditional mud fight (also with a few old friends), and some dam building, and a lot of pickleball playing. There was also a lot of good food and time with cousins involved, which led to putting up fences for sheep (a good skill to have in anyone’s repertoire), a rope swing challenge, and frozen custard.

I get to be rather worry-free when I’m here. I play. I have fun. I eat. And I’m surrounded by my family.

19 Comments on “Going Home

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