Lessons from Nepal

June 11, 2013 Tessa Bradford No comments exist

Important Life Lessons from Nepal

Important life lessons learned in Nepal:

    • Riding an elephant feels like riding in an enormous rocking chair. In the jungle.
    • Bundle up when you're going cross-country on a motorcycle. Even if it's a warm day, as soon as the wind starts whipping you as you cruise down the road, it will be freezing! Especially if said road is in the mountains... in January.
    • Aggressive driving is a must-- and if you're a passenger on a bike, it's best if you don't shout and grab the driver at every near collision.
    • Walk clockwise around stupas.
    • If you get up close in a monkey's face to take a picture, it will probably just try to steal your camera.
    • Argue over the price of... well, everything. Never pay the first price they tell you!
    • Unless you're a Buddhist, going to Lumbini to visit the birthplace of Buddha is probably not worth the added drive time.
    • You can survive off of dal bhat! Rice and soup and veggies are the way to go-- but watch out, because it can be spicy! (Of course, I think pepper is spicy... so what do I know about it?)
    • There is nothing quite like motorcycling empty roads up around mountain ridges in crisp air. The freedom and exhilaration can fill you to the brim with contentment, excitement, and wonder.
    • Go to the bathroom¬†before paragliding for two hours at a time.

He will try to steal your camera.
He will try to steal your camera.

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