First Weekend in Southern Taiwan

February 14, 2012 Tessa Bradford No comments exist

I’ve only just arrived, and already we’ve taken a weekend trip down to Kenting. 

The south is much warmer and sunnier than the north, so we wanted to spend a bit of time at the beach before classes and work started.

It’s a long drive to Kenting from Pingtung, but I got to work on my motorbike skills and drove about half the trip.

Mimi and I tried out a giant inflatable ball that we climbed inside and rolled down a hill. It was ridiculously dizzying, as you might expect. But lots of fun!

Once we got to Kenting the weather decided to get windy and cloudy, so instead of warm beaches we got chilly waves, but still had a good time. There weren’t many people out and the ocean was beautiful.

We ate some good food, crept through a haunted house, and relaxed in hot tubs. So all in all, a very good weekend.

Once we got back to Pingtung we started working hard on getting our new apartment set up and organized. I can’t wait to get a life started here!

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