If you want to know people, do so by making friends; if you want to know the world, do so by traveling...

Khmer Proverb

Cambodia is one of my favorite countries, and I'm anxious to return again soon. The people were full of laughter and ready-friendship; they have an easy-going sense of humor and quick smiles. The population is noticeably young (a sad after-effect of their recent history), and they are bursting with life. 

There's an eagerness to move forward, to accomplish, to meet the future head on. You can feel that energy everywhere you go. 

And then, of course, there are the ancient Khmer temples of Angkor Wat. There's little way to compare them to anything else you've ever seen. Incredible feats of engineering and art that have stood the test of time and offer an incredibly beautiful look back into the mysteries of the past.

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Why Cambodia Deserves Our Attention

Cambodia was different– I came away from it with new eyes– a new understanding of the lasting effects of tragedy and war, and of the vibrancy and life that can rise from the ashes of death. 

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