Good happenings

June 19, 2011 Tessa Bradford No comments exist

My visa has officially arrived for my trip to Taiwan. It has all been sorted, 100%. I’ve arranged for someone from the school to pick me up from the high speed rail station (I’m taking a high speed train from one end of Taiwan to the other after I land in Taipei), so now I can rest easy knowing that it is all taken care of.

Now I just need to get everything for Beijing sorted. Still don’t know if I’m leaving for two months or six! But it makes it more exciting!… Right?

In other news, my Dad is getting married to Kim July 9th. Congrats Dad— I’m happy for you! I love Kim, and can’t wait to welcome her and her beautiful babies to the family. (Even if I am missing the wedding…)

Happy father’s day, Dad. Love you.


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